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Business administration



Qualification: Bachelor degree in Economic Sciences

The mission of the Business Administration program is the training, by means of education and scientific research activities, appropriate for the contemporary business environment, of specialists in the field of business administration, being able to answer to the development necessities of all companies in Romania, to work as manager/entrepreneur in small businesses, but also to act as team members in multidisciplinary teams in large multinational corporations or other organizations based in Romania or in European based branches of multinational corporations

Graduates of the Bachelor s Degree Program in Business Administration will be able to:

  • make decisions based on economic reasons and profit-making objectives to be implemented during the process of business administration in all sector of the economy;
  • manage the relations with the suppliers and customers, and to manage the databases related to the field of business administration;
  • set up and run entrepreneurial ventures;
  • ensure assistance and/or to carry out activities specific to business promotion and marketing;
  • assist in the field of human resources management, marketing, logistics, commercial techniques etc. for national and international public bodies, local and regional communities, as well as assistance in promoting activities/initiatives in international economic organizations.

Benefits: our students benefit from access to top training resources, use of Moodle online training platform, international mobility programs, internship programs, workshops, and student competitions; extracurricular courses and workshops.

Students will study: Starting a business, Business investments strategies, Promotional techniques, Sustainable development and businesses, Product projecting and design, Economic projects and business games, Business negotiations technique, International Corporate Finances, Business Ethics, Communication and public relations in business, Banking techniques and operations, Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management.

Career opportunities: Our graduates have a wide range of career opportunities, ranging from management positions to consultants and self-employed entrepreneurs. Some possible jobs include: Human Resources Manager, Marketing Manager (rates, contracts, acquisitions), Small business leader - owner (endorser) in business brokerage and other trading services, Product Manager, Logistics Department, Manager of Innovation, Expert in management and organization of maintenance activities, Specialist plan progress, Specialist in planning, control and performance reporting economic and many others.