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Departament international business



Qualification:Bachelor degree in Economic Sciences

The mission of the International Business program is to shape, by means of education and scientific research activities a category of specialists in the field of international business, being able to answer to the necessities of multinational companies in Romania, as well as to answer the demand of the Romanian companies preoccupied with the activity development at an international level, to attend commercial negotiations at the authority level, bilaterally, regionally and multilaterally and to assure the representation of the Romanian interests in the European Union, in the negotiations between the countries that are members in the European Union, and the ones who have the knowledge, competence and necessary abilities in order to contribute to the gaining of the competitive advantages on the domestic and international market by the organizations where the students having a degree in Economic sciences - specialists in the field of the International Business - being able to perform tasks, specific to the occupations that the graduates of the International Business.

Graduates of the Bachelor’s Degree Program in International Business will be able to:

-          ensure the work accomplishment in the field of international economic and financial businesses;

-          negotiate and to develop transaction with products and/or services on the international markets, as well as to ensure the necessary assistance for preparing and developing negotiations in international businesses;

-          manage the relations with the providers and clients, specific to international businesses and to manage the data base in the field of the international businesses;

-          carry out international businesses according to contract clauses;

-          offer assistance in the field of the international businesses for the international public bodies, local and regional communities.


Benefits: our students benefit from access to top training resources, use of Moodle online training platform, international mobility programs, internship programs, workshops and student competitions; extracurricular courses and workshops.

Students will study subject like: International Transactions, International Politics, International Marketing, Invisible Trade, International Business Management, Foreign Trade Operations Technique, International Organizations and Institutions, Economic and, Geopolitical Diplomacy, International Tourism, Economic Globalization, International Commodity Exchanges, International Corporate Finances, International Contracts, International Finances

Career opportunities. Our graduates have a wide range of career opportunities, such as: Investment Analyst; Price of Return /Cost Analyst; Purchases Analyst/Suppliers Consultant; Customs Expert/Inspector; Foreign Relations Referent; Officer for the Customs Duty; Client Services Analyst; Commercial Assistant; Manager Assistant/Position Manager; Planner/Synthesis Plan Specialist; Process Improvement Specialist; Expert in Applied Harmonized Legislation in the Field of Trade and Industry; Expert in Contracting Investment Activities; European Businesses Counsellor.